Report on ESG questionnaires

sent to the companies auditioned

Number of questionnaires sent

Questionnaires sent

Company response


  • Response rate 40% 40%

Some have responded to us for clarification but we are awaiting their return of questionnaires.

Partially completed questionnaires

* These companies did not fill in the questionnaires completely because they felt that some information could not be released.

Refusal to complete the questionnaire

* These companies justified themselves by asking us to refer to their annual report or ESG report: however these reports do not contain all the answers to our questions.

** These companies categorically refused to complete our questionnaire, without any justification on their part.

*** These companies refused to complete our questionnaire, citing a lack of human resources.


May 2021
  • Report from 25/05 to 28/05 (download the document here)
June 2021
  • Report from 31/05 to 04/06 (download the document here)
  • Report from 07/06 to 11/06 (download the document here)
  • Report from 14/06 to 18/06 (download the document here)